Close Up Magic Events

Here are a few of the occasions and locations that Simon is often booked for.


Planning a wedding is in the top 10 most stressful things you can do in your life. The run up to the event can be chaotic and hard work.

So when you’ve been through all of that planning who wants to be stressed out on the most important day of their life?

There are far too many factors to worry about on the big day – so don’t let entertaining your guests be one!

There are many lull moments in a wedding – as people are arriving at the reception venue, when photo’s are being taken, between courses of the meal to name but a few.

It’s only natural to worry that the people who are most important to you aren’t having a good time, or feel awkward talking to people they’ve never met before.

This is where Simon’s unique brand of magic and comedy can come to the rescue.

With family friendly humour and magic to entertain all ages Simon will provide the perfect ice breaker to get your guests talking, interacting with each other and having a great time.

Imagine hearing the laughter of your guests as you’re having your photo’s taken, seeing the baffled look on a loved one’s face as their signed card is found in the box they’ve been holding onto, or seeing the smile of joy on a young child’s face as they experience magic for the first time.

Simon can provide all of this and more, letting you get on with making memories that will last a life time knowing that your guests are in safe hands!

But that’s not where it ends…..Simon also has a specially designed effect for the Bride and Groom that will freeze the moment of magic forever and leave them with a unique gift!!

Simon is hired to perform all over the UK and is often booked up to two years in advance. Secure your date today by heading over to the contact page. Your guests deserve it.


A restaurant is a perfect setting to perform close up magic and Simon can entertain your diners at any point during their time with you.

Pre-Dinner Drinks:
This is a great time to show your diners what Simon can do. We have all had to wait for a table in our time. Instead of your diners sitting sipping at their drinks looking at their watches let Simon entertain them. Waiting has never been so much fun.

Between Courses:
Whilst diners are waiting for their main course or deliberating over having dessert Simon can keep the mood light and fun with a mix of comedy and magic suitable for all ages.

Coffees and Liqueurs:
What better way to end the night then with a coffee (or even better Liqueur) and a souvenir your diners can take home and show their friends (and tell them where they can get one!!)

Simon can also provide entertainment for bookings for parties – a great selling point to get those big bookings. If there’s a day that isn’t getting many bookings hire Simon to bring in the public with the promise of mind-blowing magic.

Private Parties

So you’re planning an event and naturally you want your guests to have a great time, be entertained and amused and go away with great memories and maybe even a souvenire.

Then you need to hire Simon to make your event go with a bang!

With a combination of mind blowing magic and family friendly comedy Simon will ensure it’s a night, day or afternoon your guests will never forget!!

Close-up, walk around and table top magic are excellent ways to break the ice and get people talking and having fun.

Intimate enough for a house or garden party and with enough impact and showmanship for the largest of functions, Simon will have any event buzzing – making sure you and your guests have a great time full of mystery, wonder and humour.

Not having one of these but still want amazing magic?
Just head over to our contact page and send over a few details.