Full Disclosure – By Simon Jacobs

In 2020 the world was shocked by the Covid-19 outbreak and the lockdowns we were all subject to. At this time the entertainment industry was hard hit, putting a stop to all live performances. Simon put this down-time to great use by writing a book of his own original material going into great detail on how to perform the routines. There was over ten years worth of material to write and explain so other people can learn Simon’s original effects which is very labour intensive. Not only that, Simon is left handed so everything had to be translated to be read and learnt by right handed magicians. Which is easier said than done. He also took all the photographs and designed the layout, teaching himself several different programmes.

Simon was interviewed by Andy Smith from Alakazam Magic for his very popular Vlog “Ready, Steady, Read”. Andy loved the book which is a great endorsement from such a book lover and another working magician. To watch the interview just click the link INTERVIEW LINK

So when you book Simon you’re not just hiring a magician, you’re hiring a magician who has published his own book!!

Full Disclosure is available direct from Simon for £24.99 and you can order a copy by using the contact form that can be found here — CONTACT FORM LINK